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Cool Fashion Games For Girls

cool fashion games for girls


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cool fashion games for girls – Playmates My

Playmates My Life Handheld Portable Console
Playmates My Life Handheld Portable Console
With My Life Handheld, you choose and care for a pet, play fun games and go on fabulous shopping trips, all in the palm of your hand. Start by customizing your character. Choose your size, style, fashion and look, right down to the color of your eyes. Build relationships with virtual friends, family and pets. You can even add to the experience with MyStuff accessory keys and fashion keys; and expand your virtual world MyWorld Sunny Beach and Club Disco (each sold separately). Console requires 3 “AAA” batteries, not included. Measures 10″H x 9″L x 2″D.


I’ve always been the virgin in the family, so to speak. And that’s fine with me, “not gettin any” and Danielle have been intrinsic since adolescence or around the time when it became cool to talk and more importantly do things that I didn’t and still don’t.
When your first college roommate (currently serving in the U.S. Army stationed in Germany) sends you a MySpace message reading “You still ain’t get none yet?”
Or you’re in 11th grade and your friends say, “Make sure to call me when YOU get some!” Talk about call-waiting. But ya know it’s ‘like that,’ it’s been like that and I don’t mind.
Granted I’ve had my share of friends that are speed-racers or as the ladies in the beauty shops would say “fast” but I also have had some sensible friends who like my speed racer buddies all after riding The Intercourse Express told me the ride, be it short or long , is not worth the cost and if they could do it again- they wouldn’t do IT again.
But more importantly, I have known women who have not had the opportunity to be virgins fore their virginity was stolen by someone during their childhood. Note stolen is PC for rape. But I’ve noticed many of my female acquaintances prefer the term molested. Rape is too harsh. Too vile. I mean rape is what we grew up seeing in those movies where the woman couldn’t get out of bed or couldn’t move forward or was left broken after she was “raped.” Yet stories of “molestation” are very common. I started piecing how common together after I, while waiting on the (6) at a subway platform in the Bronx began talking to a woman about the hypersexual imagery on television and my project… and how some women were raped causing them to become overprotective of their daughters…etc. I must say God is faithful, because how do you begin talking about this to a stranger. How did this conversation start? I know you’re wondering. Well, I saw a young mom maneuvering a baby and a big baby stroller up an escalator. So I asked to snap her picture, she gave the OK and the rest was herstory.
Come to find out, she was molested at an early age. Of course she never sought counseling or talked about it but…this isn’t TV. Fore many women get out of bed the next morning after being “molested” and ACT as if nothing happened…
So, I don’t want people in any way think that I am an Airhead to the trials and tribulations of my sisters because I promote virginity. No not at all, you see I realized that this was a little too big to not mention. It’s too big and too common as I can remember (very fresh still) when, one day while cooking up tofu and seaweed for my roommate and best-friend (both who barely tasted the food) we were all stationed in the kitchen and I had read some article on some superstar who’d been raped and so I began commenting on how almost every girl I’ve befriended has had some kind of story of molestation/rape in their past and how I never have a story to share in those intimate moments when it’s like ‘Ok now it’s my turn to share’ and my bf chimes in with “It happened to me.” I was like “What?”
That stamped it. There was something to this. And, like the girls/women I’ve known before her, she never told.
“It was my cousin,” she said. “My mom would’ve killed him.”
Yup. And I can go on and on from molestation stories to abortion stories.
Abortion. Let me get this in too, fore I can already hear the cheers or girls who’ve gone through this in support of my promoting virginity or the “hate” from girls who will say well, she doesn’t know anything…Let the record show that for the last two summers I’ve been given details of abortions: one pill kill and another vacuum…
Writing this is explainably-odd. Sigh. I’m telling a lot here.
Try having the details of an abortion told to you while you’re eating lunch.
No no rewind. Try having someone ask you your opinion of abortion two days before they’re scheduled to have one then try having the details of that abortion told to you while you’re eating lunch.
Afterwards, I remember the girl thanking me for letting her spiel. She said that it was “Cathartic.”
So, America, world…that’s me in a blogshell.
When it comes to the opposite sex I am cautious. I am picky.
And with all that being said, I don’t believe that anyone is perfect.
I hear this so often (from men especially) it’s become funny they say,“But no one is perfect!”
Duh. But I don’t let people use that as a cop out.
Ask any athlete—perfection is what you strive for be it attainable or not. If you’re not striving to be the best why be in the game?
Sex is beautiful. Hey, it got me here.
But Lord willing, for me, there won’t be teething rings before wedding rings.
Because there is thing called a “covenant” but that’s too much for this little blog.
And yes, I do have to bring up God because he brought me up. And no, I have no desire to promote any one religion be it Islam, Christianity or Scientology.
But without Help, I wouldn’t be here writing this and you wouldn’t be here reading it.
We live in a new time. Jumpin

"My Bratz Story" tag!

"My Bratz Story" tag!
Thanks to "bratzggenerationlove" for the tag!
While the rules weren’t explained, I’m guessing the purpose of this tag is to tell the story of how you were introduced to "The Girls With a Passion for Fashion!" and really anything interesting about your "journey" with the Bratz 😛

While I’m not 100% positive of the specifics, I can estimate that I discovered the Bratz a few days before my 6th birthday in February 2002. The first time I saw that commercial, it was love at first sight! Every time it came on, I would run to the TV. OT, but I remember there was a Wheat Thins commercial airing around the same time that used to throw me off because of similar animation and sets (imagine my disappointment? xD). My friend Jason and I used to think Cloe’s cartoon was SO hot! I knew I needed to get her first. For whatever reason, I never mentioned "The Bratz Pack" to either one of my parents before my birthday. In fact, I specifically remember the first time I asked my dad for Cloe. He was picking me up from kindergarten on the day after my birthday when I randomly asked if he bought me a Bratz doll for my birthday and forgot to give it to me (LOLWUT) Upon hearing "no", I threw a mini-tantrum for like 2 minutes. He told me that he had seen them at WalMart and that they had "ones with the sunglasses too". I told him that I wanted Cloe "without the sunglasses" (at the time, I had no clue what he was talking about, because the 1st editions were the only ones any of my friends had). Come Valentine’s Day, I had my Angel and was ecstatic about her! I specifically remember staring at her box art that night and mixing ‘n’ matching her fashions. I thought it was the coolest thing ever that they stood up on their own! I remember putting her jeans on her boots and pretending it was a ghost because the outfit appeared to be worn by an invisible woman (6 year olds…SMH) The next day I was SO excited to brag about FINALLY getting a Bratz to my friends, but I couldn’t find Cloe’s skirt! I mean, you can’t just bring a Bratz doll to school without both outfits right? That’s like Bratzphemy! I was very late that morning because I refused to go without her skirt. Sadly, to this day, I never found it xD Anyways, time went on (well maybe like a week or 2) and I started to pay more attention to my homegirl Tianna’s (1st edition) Yasmin. I realized that I NEEDED her because she had the open mouth! Jason and I both agreed that Cloe’s art was way hotter than the doll because of her "kissy face" xD So, I begged my dad for a 1st edition Yasmin. I went to Target with him, but they were all out of her. Instead, I got Lil’ Bratz Yasmin and Cloe (1st edition). Eventually I did end up with a Yasmin, but not 1st edition. My dad brought home 2nd edition/Flaunt It! Yas as a surprise for me one day on his lunch break! I LOVED her cute spring fashions and hadn’t even heard of her yet! Yay Yasmin! Anyways years go by, Bratz get bought, blah blah blah. Fast forward to December ?(whenever the verdict was announced) 2008. I log on YouTube to see the premiere of Brit’s Circus video when I see something SHOCKING from berrybread on my homepage! BRATZ GETTING CANCELLED?!?!? OH NOEZ! Naturally I burst into tears. After re-gaining composure, I called my dad and told him to definitely buy any and all Bratz dolls he finds. I’m guessing this was when our weekly shopping trips started. And um, I guess that’s all that needs to be said for now? Feel free to ask questions =D

PS, sorry if it sounds like a crack head wrote it. I’m running on no sleep ‘cuz Jason and I are going to Harvard Sq. at noon and I knew I’d never get up in time w/o pulling an all-niter 😛

PPS, obviously there’s much more to my "story" but I think if I had gone over every year between 2002 and now y’all would be more tired than I am! xD

cool fashion games for girls

cool fashion games for girls

DreamLife Superstar TV Plug-In Game
Now girls can act out their aspirations exploring six superstar life dreams: Movie Star, Diva, Fashion Designer, Sports Star, Reality TV Show Star and Writer. Includes remote to change on the go. Set uses four “AA” batteries, not included. Remote uses 2 “AAA” batteries, not included.

The Hasbro dream-life TV plug-in game turns every youngster into a super-star. Ideal for children ages 8 and up, this interactive game allows children to embark on a fabulous adventure as a celebrity. Dream Life takes place over a virtual summer vacation and provides kids with hours of entertainment.
Easy Setup and Control
Dream Life Superstar plugs right into a TV’s audio-visual inputs. It comes with its own purple wireless remote control and an instruction booklet. Just plug the game console into the TV, grab the remote, and you’re ready for action. Plus, the Dream Life game is easy to transport. When it’s time to pack it up, children can save their game and take it to a friend’s house or start over and create an entirely new celebrity.
Adventures on the Red Carpet
Dream Life allows players to visit a fantasy world only experienced by the rich and famous. The player can be an actress, singer, TV star, writer, or athlete and the longer they play the more activities and jobs there are to choose from. The character visits celebrity hangouts including the sound studio, red carpet, and spa. As the celebrities enjoy their new-found success, gifts start to arrive, including fan letters, special-events invites, and more. Additional games are unlocked as the player progresses for endless entertainment opportunities. There are a wide variety of looks, clothes, and activities to experiment with. Dream Life creates a glamorous world where every kid can feel like a superstar. This product requires four AA and two AAA batteries (not included).

Dream Life Superstar plugs right into a TV and comes with its own purple wireless remote control. View larger.